Nigerian village with male and female languages

In Ubang, a farming community in southern Nigeria, men and women say they speak different languages. They view this unique difference as a blessing from God, but as more young people leave for greener pastures and the English language becomes more popular, there are concerns it wont survive.

Dressed in a brightly coloured traditional outfit, a red chiefs cap and holding a staff, Chief Oliver Ibang calls over his two young children, eager to demonstrate the different languages.

He holds up a yam and asks his daughter what it is called.

Its irui, she says, without hesitating.

But in Ubangs male language the word for yam, one of Nigerias staple foods, is itong.

And there are many other examples, such as the word for clothing, which is nki for women and ariga for men.

It is not clear exactly what proportion of words are different in the two…

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